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What Are The Considerations For The Balance Car Purchase?

1.Don't try to chooseZapai

The technical content of balance on the body is relatively high, generally no name manufacturers do not have good production technology and solutions, the balance of the car might cut corners, so that users in the safety of some hidden dangers.

2. parameters should be optimistic

The balance car has several important parameters.

The first is the level of water, outdoor travel tools are more likely to encounter Road area, water or rainy days, waterproof level is very important, because it will determine you can not use in some scenarios;

Second is the mileage, according to your travel distance to choose products;

Third is the top speed, different products speed is not the same. Speed is probably important for people who want to save time.

Fourth is charging time, some products charge for a long time, buy when to pay attention to.

3., after sale to understand clearly

This is also very important, to buy any commodity is to value after-sales as well as warranty. Regardless of the product quality control, the after-sales service is very important, and it directly affects your experience during use.

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