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The City Scooter Is A New Type Of Skateboard Car

The city scooter is a new scooter that evolved from a scooter, designed to take care of children's scooters, Segway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, it can easily walk on a crowded road with a maximum speed of up to 24.1 kilometres on the bike path.

The urban scooter adopts frame geometry structure, it contains two parts, City Scooter each part is formed by the process called "free forming 3D bending design". The Scrooser stability is achieved by the shorter successive radii and high strength aluminum alloy materials.

Each time the driver is on the ground, the smart Pulse Drive provides power support to enhance the physical force of the foot pedal. When the speed is up to 3.2 km/h, City Scooter this pulse drive is automatically enhanced.

The city scooter is a new type of scooter, called Scrooser, with a glide speed of 32 to 24-kilometer per hour, designed to accommodate children's scooters, Segway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, City Scooter allowing motorists to stand or sit.

It allows city dwellers to travel freely during rush hours, and its designers describe the driving experience as "surfing or skiing in cities".

City Scooter Power

When driving in an eco-mode, a one-time battery charge can continue to be used for 25 days in the urban environment.

It takes only 3 hours to fill the battery with a standard charger.