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The Balance Of Off - Road Scooters

Cross-country scooters can be regarded as a very professional entertainment / sports products. Off-Roard Scooter Its history is not long. 90 years was invented.

Cross-country scooters and sub-car and double-car, double-car is divided into dynamic cars, frogs, Off-Roard Scooter swing off-road scooters, dragon and so on.

In addition, there are multi-functional cross-country scooters, both balance cars and cross-country scooters two functions. But I generally do not recommend this one, because this is usually the design of the two rear wheels. This structure will cause some problems when playing, followed by said.

Off-road scooters need a good balance, waist, knees, ankles need to force the body, Off-Roard Scooter these parts are very easy to hurt, so before the slide to do warm-up exercise, and wear a knee, elbow, helmets and other self-defense equipment.

Off-road scooters

1, handrails: must have a sponge, the only way to have the role of shock, Off-Roard Scooter but also sweat and anti-skid, remove the security worries, and poor handrails sponge more easily damaged, not the proper role.

2, brake brake: brake are located in the rear of the top of the wheel, buy time to use a pedal to see if the check brake is flexible, and the child should also play with the correct posture.

3, pedal: poor cross-country scooter pedal to bear the weight of a small, adults will step on the moment will bend, pedal bending will affect the entire cross-country scooter structure, Off-Roard Scooter not only can not let the children play handy also dangerous, While the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kg of body weight.

4, wheels: Most of the wheels are made of high-quality shock-absorbing plastic, such as the frequent use of the number of times, it is recommended that you have to change the wheel from time to time.

5, the spring: the spring on the wheel is the latest cross-country scooter improved design, can help children complete the difficult action, but also contribute to the stability of the body.

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