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Strong Adaptability Of Electric Scooter

The electric scooter is a new type of product that moves after the traditional skateboard. The electric scooter is very energy-saving, fast charging and long range capability. The whole car looks beautiful, easy to operate and safer to drive. For a friend who likes to live conveniently, it is absolutely a good choice to add more fun to life.

Electric scooter is cheap and energy-saving

6-hour electric energy ride more than 20 kilometers, the maximum speed of up to 32 mph, for any age (> 12 years) of friends is absolutely a very suitable choice; Patrol Electric Scooter compared with electric bicycles, it looks beautiful, easy to operate, and because the seat center is low, driving is safer. Therefore, electric scooters have been very popular abroad, in recent years began to emerge in China. It is expected that in the near future, electric scooter will become a popular trend, and will set off an energy-saving trend.

Before and after the shock absorber, the perfect damping effect makes the ride really become a kind of enjoyment

Upgrade seat cushion tube structure, open panel to take the battery is very convenient, SUV-style handle, coupled with the beautiful shape, so that you are the focus of the crowd. Patrol Electric Scooter The whole car gives people a sense of beauty fashion, dynamic, strong sense of acceleration, driving comfort, flexible and light operation, the vehicle frame adopts high quality and tensile steel, Patrol Electric Scooter and its structure is tight and durable! A folding handle is arranged underneath the handlebar, which can easily be folded for one seconds as long as the lower one presses, and the disassembly and height adjustment of the seat is very convenient; the entire folding process can be easily handled within 5 seconds.

Advantages of electric Scooter:

1, lightweight and convenient

Most of the electric scooters are no more than 20kg in weight, Patrol Electric Scooter and an ordinary adult can pick up one hand. Now the most new type of a scooter is to play this advantage to the most extreme, body weight only 6.3kg.

2, foldable

Folding is another prominent feature of an electric scooter, which can be tucked into the trunk of a car. I did an experiment, a car trunk can be put up to 3 (already avoid bump). If you go to a self-driving car, Patrol Electric Scooter it would be a lot easier to plug an electric scooter into the trunk.

3. Strong adaptability

Crowded Square, park, Subway mouth, school, downtown, shopping malls, and so on. Where a normal battery can go, where it can go, where it can't go, it can go. Because of folding, Patrol Electric Scooter the choice of terrain is much more. Its own intelligent instrument, can at any time display speed, mileage, residual power and other problems, at the same time to achieve a fixed-speed cruise function, so that users in the use of more convenient and faster!