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Safety Performance Of Folding Electric Scooters

Now more and more intelligent, all kinds of folding electric scooters also enter our lives, but in the work or life which will always encounter to fold electric scooter, then I teach you how to quickly fold electric scooter.

1 to open the European passenger scooter

2 Release the M-button (latch button), hold the guide lever with one hand, get the guide lever away from the folding unit to get an impulse, and find a pressure on the unfolded device Point, while the other hand slowly pull the M-shaped button.

1. Open the quick release lever

2. Pull the handle to adjust the height

3. Lock the quick release lever

Folding electric scooter purchase focus

First, the ability to endurance

On the folding electric scooter battery life, Foldable Electric Scooter is directly about the electric car battery selection problem. The current folding electric scooters used the most battery there are two, one is lead-acid batteries, the other is the lithium battery. Lead-acid battery prices are relatively low, so the most commonly used, but the existence of a certain disadvantage of lead-acid batteries, simply is the battery capacity is small, bulky, short cycle life, etc., in the same capacity, lead-acid battery Weight and volume are larger, Foldable Electric Scooter for the folding electric scooter this volume requirements of the higher means of transport, it is clearly not the best choice.

The other is the lithium battery, battery capacity in the same case, the lithium battery weight and volume are much smaller than the lead-acid battery, to reduce the weight of folding electric scooters have a great advantage, its life can also be more than lead acid Battery longer, lithium battery "disadvantage" is the higher prices, Foldable Electric Scooter resulting in lithium scooters and lead-acid scooters in the price gap between the larger. I suggest that consumers in the price range, try to choose lithium batteries, because the lithium battery is more lightweight, environmentally friendly, endurance and strong, and the service life is relatively longer. For the battery battery voltage and capacity, consumers can choose according to their actual needs, if there is a certain requirement for the speed, Foldable Electric Scooter then try to choose more than 48V battery; if the requirements of the mileage, as far as possible to select the capacity of more than 10Ah battery.

Second, the motor type

Folding electric scooters and electric bicycles, the motor is the performance of all electric vehicles, so the choice of motor is particularly important, the current folding electric scooters generally use the wheel motor, and the hub motor is divided into solid wheel motor and hollow hub motor. The advantages of the hollow hub motor are: the structure is relatively compact, simple, good heat dissipation, Foldable Electric Scooter power consumption is less than the solid wheel motor, that is the same power, hollow wheel motor can be used for a longer time, so consumers should try to choose hollow hub motor , Not only better performance, while the motor life is longer.

Third, the body structure

The folding electric scooter has a simple structure, the battery is light, the body is small and can be folded, so it is usually much lighter than the ordinary electric bicycle. In the purchase, not only to pay attention to the scaffolding body structure is strong, but also to pay attention to whether it is easy to carry the problem, to facilitate us in the bus and subway to carry, put up also save space, especially for female users For example, the weight of the natural light the better. Many folding electric scooters have a folding function, Foldable Electric Scooter can be carried after the fold, which is folding electric scooters by the city office workers like the most important reason. In addition to the requirements of light weight, we have to pay attention to folding electric scooter material and structure, at least 100 kg or more carrying capacity to ensure that the scooter enough strong enough to be in the bumpy road to withstand the test. The most commonly used folding electric scooters are aluminum alloy material, not only the quality is relatively light, at the same time in the degree of solid is also very good. So consumers in the purchase, Foldable Electric Scooter be sure to understand the car body material, to ensure that the solid and durable.

Fourth, the shock absorption performance

Suspension is to ensure that users in the bumpy road, can have a better riding experience, while better protect the user's safety. Some folding electric scooters have built-in front and rear shock system, some are mainly by the car's tires to shock, air tires shock effect is better, solid tire shock effect is relatively less than air tires, but the advantage is not puncture, This requires consumers to weigh at the time of purchase, according to the actual situation in the road to choose. However, in order to ensure the best ride comfort, Foldable Electric Scooter the front wheel to have a reliable and durable shock absorption system, the best brake in the rear wheel, and the greater the diameter of the tire is relatively faster. Recommended consumers in the purchase, should be preferred with a shock absorber system solid tire folding electric scooter.

Fifth, safety performance

Security performance includes a number of aspects of the content, the most important natural brake system, the current market, electric folding scooter brake system is mainly used before the handle brake or front brake button, rear wheel brake three ways, three ways have Pros and cons. Front handle brake: more in line with human inertial operation, but will affect the folding electric scooter portability. Front brake button: the front handle on the basis of the original function, improve the portability, is an upgrade on the front handle of an optimization. Rear wheel brake: for emergency braking. In the brake, the power safety system will automatically cut off the power immediately to ensure the effect of the brakes. Recommended to buy before and after the combination of brake scooters, Foldable Electric Scooter double brake system is more secure, driving can also choose according to the situation of different braking methods.

Safety performance, of course, also includes basic safety design, such as reasonable lighting and warning light design, slow start protection design, sensitive and reliable braking system, the basic anti-theft design. These are all in the choice of folding electric scooters must be concerned about the place, put their own safety in the first place. At the same time, because the folding electric scooter tires small, steering more flexible, Foldable Electric Scooter for safety reasons, folding electric scooter speed is not as fast as possible, according to the national standards for electric bicycles and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed should be 20km / H about more reasonable, for ordinary users, it can not be the speed of electric vehicles to measure its performance.

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