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High Comfort Of Electric Scooter

Electric scooter is mainly classified as electric car with track, towing cable electric flat car, battery electric scooter, turntable change track electric flat cars, reel power supply electric car, such as; battery electric flatbed is the most commonly used a flatbed, it is used for battery power, Patrol Electric Scooter motor-driven goods or pull people used transport; electricity as a kind of environmental protection, Clean, high conversion rate of important energy, the use of electricity to drive the replacement of vehicles, promote the development of transport industry low carbonization, reduce transportation costs, save energy, protect the environment, Patrol Electric Scooter it has the following characteristics:

Fast: The speed of the electric scooter now is much higher than that of the traditional electric track car;

Low noise: Used in the past electric track car is the use of the ordinary wheel, Patrol Electric Scooter vibration damping performance is not good, the use of a lot of noise, electric car cars are much smaller noise.

High comfort: The use of electric flat car comfortable feeling very good.

Electric scooter Motor Collective small, light weight, maintenance is very convenient, also not prone to failure. Conducive to use in peacetime.

Electric Scooter Selection Guide:

Whether driving or short distance, choose a suitable cost-effective means of transport is the most important, Patrol Electric Scooter the following as a senior player of the small part of the car to introduce the selection strategy.

1, electric scooter weight

The same parameters (battery capacity, core quality, etc.), the lighter weight of the body represents a longer mileage, in addition, the car light, for female users will be convenient for many, Patrol Electric Scooter moving to the trunk of the car is also a lot easier.

2, electric scooter battery capacity

Currently on the market, the mainstream electric scooter is configured as follows, Voltage 36v, power 350w, battery capacity generally has three files: Ten. 4AH, A. 4AH, A. 4AH, different battery capacity represents different mileage. The user can select the battery capacity according to their own needs.