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French Men Take A Floating Skateboard Flying 2250 Meters To Break The World Record

According to the Daily Mail reported that the French jet ski champion and the world motorcycle racing champion Frank Zapata (Franky Zapata) launched in April jet "floating skateboard" Flyboard Air, it can be speed 150 km speed flight, shocked the world. Now, Zapata once again shocked the world's eye, he managed Flyboard Air flying 2252 meters, breaking the skateboarding farthest world record.

Saturday, 37-year-old Zapata tried to break the world record in the French Atlantic coastal city of Sausset-les-Pins. The video shows that Zapata flew 50 meters high in the air and lasted less than 7 minutes. An official Guinness Book of World Records announced that Zapata had created a new world record, after the record holder was the Canadian Catlin Alexandru Duru (Catlin Alexandru Duru), his last year flying distance than Zapa Tower short 275.9 meters.

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