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Electric Scooters To Meet The Pursuit Of Different People

Electric scooters are made of aluminum alloy, relatively light, generally can be folded, the appearance of small and stylish, easy to carry. No electricity when you can fold with an electric scooter on the bus or as luggage into the subway, the road near the words can also slide home, Patrol Electric Scooter are more convenient.

Electric scooter mode of operation is the same as the traditional electric car, Patrol Electric Scooter accelerator start, brake stop, left and right turn is the leading rod control, easy to get started.

Electric scooter with the rise of the driving industry and the rise. Open driving can not run in the past, guests can not run home to go home, so have such a car, usually started, when the guests put off the trunk, home and then start. To meet the needs of these people, there will be a market. Patrol Electric Scooter Rather than show off the crazy drooping cool hanging days of technology, only the market, crazy driving cool usually no friends ... ...

Electric scooters of the shock resistance, water resistance, the screen angle and other details have been optimized several times, after their own riding on the details of the details of the improvement, the current life of one hour, the maximum speed of up to 25 km per hour.

Enough to support 50 km of life; the use of rear drive 500W high-power motor, Patrol Electric Scooter to ensure a small X1 strong power and climbing ability.

Intelligent module to join, so that a small one can bind their own WeChat public number, real-time view of a small driving track, and can fortune alarm, a key to start, a key lock, with a strong intelligence, triple lock encryption, Make the car more secure.

More ergonomic design, design avant-garde. Can be self-decals and other personal design and transformation, a high degree of DIY, Patrol Electric Scooter to meet the different people on the pursuit of personality.

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