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Electric Scooters Are Travel Tools

Electric scooter is a new type of product that inherits the characteristics of the traditional skateboard. It has the advantages of energy saving, portable, environmental protection, convenient operation and fast speed, which solves the difficult point

Electric scooter appearance is very stylish, very small, you can fold, is to bring the bus no problem, Patrol Electric Scooter if you go around in their own or go outside to play is a very good small leisure transport, mainly to carry is very convenient The Electric scooter performance is good.

Electric scooter features:

Skateboard with anti-cracking, anti-deformation, anti-alpine, very wear-resistant characteristics, strengthen the aluminum bracket and base, not easy to break, skateboard surface printed with colored patterns. Skateboarding body twist and move forward, do not need to use the foot to slide, Patrol Electric Scooter can do a variety of fancy changes in action, with the torsion movement, can achieve significant weight-loss effect, can enhance personal balance of entertainment fitness activities.

Electric scooter purchase guide:

Whether it is on behalf of the drive or short distance, choose a suitable cost-effective means of transport is the most important, the following as a senior player Xiaobian to introduce the next step scooter purchase strategy.

1, electric scooter weight

The same parameters (battery capacity, battery quality, etc.) case, the lighter weight of the body represents a longer life mileage, in addition, the car light, Patrol Electric Scooter for the female users will be a lot easier to move to the trunk of the car is also a lot easier The

2, electric scooter battery capacity

Currently on the market electric scooter mainstream configuration is as follows, the voltage 36v, power 350w, the battery capacity is generally third gear: 10.4AH, 15.4AH, 18.4AH, different battery capacity represents a different mileage. Users can choose their own battery capacity.

3, electric scooter mileage

According to the battery capacity, Patrol Electric Scooter corresponding to different mileage

10.4AH -------- 25-28KM

15.4AH -------- 35-45KM

18.4AH -------- 45-55KM

Above are referred to the parameters of the special electric scooter, the specific mileage and battery capacity, user weight, temperature, Patrol Electric Scooter pressure and other sets of parameters related.