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Electric Scooters Are Popular With Young Groups

Electric scooters are based on the design of traditional scooters, in the human scooter on the basis of upgrading, in the scooter to increase the battery, motor, lighting, dashboard, computer chips and other components, while the wheels, Frame and other systems to upgrade, which derived from the electric scooters such products, generally more in the daily life of travel, especially by office workers welcome. At present, Patrol Electric Scooter the price of electric scooters ranging from one thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in developed countries in Europe and the United States and the big cities are very popular with young groups welcome.

Electric scooter by the frame, wheel, battery, brake system, lighting system, instrument panel and other components, a 36V 8A lithium battery portable electric scooter net weight of about 15 kilograms, Patrol Electric Scooter the length of the fold after the general will not exceed 1.2 meters, the height of not more than 50 cm, can be portable, you can also put into the trunk.

Electric scooters tire size is generally not more than 10 inches, in the face of the general city road is still relatively easy, but encountered poor road conditions, through the situation is not ideal, Patrol Electric Scooter also be careful when driving.

Electric scooters and wheeled self-balancing vehicles are non-motor vehicles without additional safety devices, theoretically only allowed to drive at low speed in non-motorized lanes, how to strictly hold the Austrian design speed normal use, electric scooters and wheel Balance car will play a low center of gravity, Patrol Electric Scooter light weight advantage for the user to create a more secure and convenient travel experience.

The difference between the capacity of the wheelbarrow and the electric scooter is not large, but because the pedal of the electric scooter is more spacious, the need is to carry two people, Patrol Electric Scooter so the electric scooter is more advantageous in carrying capacity.

One-wheeled self-balancing vehicle has only one drive wheel, plus the difference between the maximum speed and drive mode, the battery life is usually better than the same battery capacity of the electric scooter, longer life electric scooter or balance car will be the corresponding Increase the weight, at this point, the two are more consistent.

Electric scooters drive similar to electric bicycles, and in terms of smoothness is better than electric bicycles, easy access to the operation. The self-balancing car itself does not have a control device, and is only braked by the self-balancing function of the computer and the induction of the driver's driving intention. Although the self-balancing car driving more trendy, learning is also easier, Patrol Electric Scooter but want to be very precise control still need some time after the practice can be.

Electric scooters have two wheels, and electric scooter acceleration and braking devices can be manually controlled, more direct control, so the reasonable driving speed will be higher, but for safety reasons, the speed of electric scooters are generally 20km / H is more appropriate, more than this speed is prone to dangerous situation.