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Cross - Country Scooter Purchase Guide

The cross-country scooter is not a toy, and should not be used for other purposes other than riding.

For safety reasons, in use, to be prepared in advance helmets, wrist, rubber shoes, etc., in order to do physical protection measures. In addition, do not wear sunglasses and headphones while playing. At the same time, easy to slip shoes, high heels are not wear.

When riding, do not ride in stunts.

At night, rain, snow road or gravel, sand, pits and other dangerous places please do not use. At the same time in the ups and downs of the road, frequent vehicles and pedestrians and more places, please do not drive.

The maximum weight limit for off-road scooters is 100 kg. Please do not use more weight.

As the cross-country scooter is a new sport, it is a child's favorite, and when the children playing off-road scooters, in addition to wearing safe protective equipment, the best by the parents in the side to accompany, to avoid dangerous action , The venue should also choose a more open and smooth place.

When buying off-road scooters, cross-country scooters material, performance should also be considered, the most important thing is that parents should remind the child to pay attention to their own safety, to prevent similar accidental injuries occur again and again, resulting in unnecessary regret The

Cross-country scooter purchase guide With the popularity of extreme sports promotion, more and more young people joined the so-called extreme supreme cross-country scooter movement. As the cross-country scooter has a strong ornamental and easy to learn the characteristics of many enthusiasts eager. The first thing to do is to choose the board. Cross-country scooters are generally by the board, cross-country scooter bracket, cross-country skateboard wheels as the main component, is also a higher cost part of the good cross-country scooters generally need to configure their own. There are other accessories such as bearings, sandals, screws and other small objects.

1. Board (board): cross-country scooter board surface, generally based on five, seven, nine maple board made of microwave cold. There are also aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials made of the board. Now the board, board and board tail are cocked. Personal favorite plate is 20cm * 81cm size, the board slightly round the board. 22cm above the board, basically can be regarded as U pool board, and its board search to accommodate the soles of the place more to make it more stable in the U pool. 19cm or so of the board, mostly in the flat road conditions used in the board, sub-board with a small wheel, the action to be flexible and fast. In addition, different companies of the board, the depth of the nest is not the same. Some slippers like the foot of the deep board, so that more convenient to make and flap-related action, do OLLIE more stable.

 2. Cross-country scooter truck (truck): cross-country scooter bracket, also known as cross-country scooter truck (Truck), the bridge in the performance of cross-country scooters play a good or bad role. At present, most of the bridges produced in the United States are made of special aluminum alloy, almost no longer break the situation occurred. Off-road scooter bridge bridge is different, there are 126mm, 129mm, 134mm, 139mm, 146mm, etc., different bridge from the off-road scooter bridge, with different width of the board, making cross-country scooters more flexible and easier to control The The height of the bridge is different. The relatively high bridge is suitable for large wheels, the lower bridge is suitable for the relatively small wheels, so that the slip will be more comfortable and less prone to bending when the wheels touch the board or bend over the main Bridge nail broken situation. INDY, VENTURE, DESTRUCTO, THUNDER, ORION, GRINDKING, TITAN (Nissan) and other bridges are good. INDY known as the king of the bridge, its quality is self-evident. VENTURE in the United States is also quite a lot of people. DESTRUCTO is the first bridge in the United States, and is my favorite bridge. DESTRUCTO is very smooth when it is doing roundabout (for example, 50/50, 5/0, K-GRIND, etc.), and will not hit or float. ORION bridge of the PU pad is good, tighten the same as a stone can be hard, and how to use will not burst. GRINDKING the bridge is the lightest, but his axis is not very hard steel, jump more will bend, and not wear, but it is very good bridge, is the kind of anti-installed. TITAN According to friends seen, very good, very beautiful, very light, and rust, but more expensive than the general bridge.

 3. Off-road skate wheel (wheel): cross-country skateboard wheel is also a great talk about the. In addition to the accuracy of the bearing (such as ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, etc.) on the speed of the impact depends on the performance of the wheel. The first is the hardness, cross-country skateboard wheels are usually rubbing polyurethane-based material, polyurethane in the wheel occupies a different proportion of the wheel hardness is different. Hardness of 85A (A refers to the hardness) of the wheels are relatively soft, suitable for rough road glide, taxiing when the sound is minimal, like a pedal shopping friends is a good choice. But the 85A wheel, because the soft so the comparison is not wear, and do like the sliding brake and the like when the action is easy to break off the interval. Generally the skaters are now used 97A-103A wheels. This kind of hardness of the wheel is suitable for smooth marble and more flat on the road, but also for U pool, platform and other props. In the smooth leveling, such as 85A wheels, there is no sound. But in the rough and U pool, will issue a huge rumbling (this sound is often the wrench blood boil). Transparent or translucent round is not intended to use 103A, too hard, there will be burst of the situation, it is best used only in all WOOD materials made of props. Followed by the diameter, 38-40mm wheels are now used very few people.