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City Scooters Ride Comfortable And Comfortable

City scooter models are very small, only 8 inches tires, the width of the road is not high, so it will not be affected by traffic jams, can also be in the city through any alley. After the folding of the K5 is also very portable, can seamlessly connect a variety of modes of transport, both can take the bus, subway, City Scooter can also be placed in the car trunk, make up for large-scale travel equipment, lack of flexibility, 12kg, carrying up and no pressure at all.

Easy to fold

Many folding equipment, folding operations are very complex, but the city scooter is very simple. It only need to fold in turn the pole, the main frame, City Scooter the pedal can be, and the folding joints of the elastic, do not need extra effort, will not be forced to fold is also difficult to fold the situation.

Tide is very fashionable

As a means of transport, there are many small partners will be the city skateboard as a trend of a single product, because it is very clean and simple lines, City Scooter full sense of science and technology, the main body coating is also very simple, able to wild in a variety of clothing style , Riding in the crowd absolutely back to burst the table. In addition, it is driven by electricity, very low-carbon environmental protection, City Scooter is the green travel to force the election, which has been low-carbon family favorite.

Riding comfortable and comfortable

As a short-distance travel equipment, urban scooters intelligent scooters maximum ride speed of up to 20km / h, the maximum climbing angle of 30 °, able to adapt to most of the city road conditions, so that riders from walking efficiency and fatigue The It can also adjust the height of the pole, City Scooter to deal with the different height of different riders free to adjust, so that riding comfort is improved. In addition K5 is also equipped with high-intensity lighting headlamps, and brake taillights, night travel, do not have to worry about the road too hard to see the obstacles, or smaller models will be ignored by other passers-by so that the collision and other issues, reliable.