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City Scooters Meet The Needs Of Users

The urban scooter adopts frame geometry structure, it contains two parts, each part is formed by the process called "free forming 3D bending design". The Scrooser stability is achieved by the shorter successive radii and high strength aluminum alloy materials.

Each time the driver is on the ground, the smart Pulse Drive provides power support to enhance the physical force of the foot pedal. When the speed is up to 3.2 km/h, this pulse drive is automatically enhanced.

City Scooter is a very high popularity of products, it in the portability, the use of experience, performance and other aspects can fully meet the needs of users, City Scooter and make up for a lot of similar products, is very worthy of a recommended car.

One of the biggest problems encountered in city travel is traffic jams, which means that, for example, car-like mobility is hard to cheong, but for small-car scooters, there is no such concern. Its 8-inch wheel, City Scooter when riding the road required to occupy a very small area, even the crowd can be flexible to come and go freely, so it will not be affected by traffic jams, but also will not reduce travel efficiency.

City scooters from the appearance of a very simple, but does not mean that its frame structure, its body is collapsible, folding after the body size is more compact, can carry on the subway, public transport or in the car in the trunk, to achieve a seamless connection to a variety of vehicles. The main folding of the vehicle is divided into three parts, namely, handrails, main frame, pedal, handrails only need to pull the hand to the side and break it up, and the main frame is only up to push the slider and folding at the same time, City Scooter the operation of whether the need for the strength or difficulty is very small, skilled after only a few seconds can be, do not worry too much trouble.

The performance of the city scooter and similar products to maintain in a consistent horizontal line, the maximum riding speed for 20km/h, the maximum ramp angle of 15°, City Scooter the maximum load of 100kg, 8-inch tires, but also for most of the city road, fully meet the needs of cyclists.

City scooter and for the car friends, performance as long as you can just meet their own needs, the ride experience is the most critical impact on their long-term use,

The city scooter's lever design has the hook, can in the folding condition just hook the tail of the car card slot, guarantees the folding when the body lock dies, City Scooter causes the lift to be more convenient. The rod also uses the external convex curve design, City Scooter this is in order to give the arm the bigger extension space, guarantees rides the comfortable degree.

City scooters for the safety of night riding, not only the front has high intensity LED lights, but also at the end of the car equipped with intelligent tail lights, can be automatically lit when the brakes, City Scooter reminding the surrounding vehicles, pedestrians notice, lest occur rub. Can fully meet the needs of users.