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City Scooters Meet Daily Travel Needs

In this increasingly congested road of the era, portable, miniaturization of transport has been increasingly attracted by people's attention and love. Whether it is a university campus, a community, a street or a park, can be seen frequently the appearance of urban scooters. Comply with market demand, City Scooter the major manufacturers have also launched a number of excellent city scooters, and these diversified products not only solve the problem of the last kilometer, but also became a lot of young people street cool tools.

From the look, it has the same as most of the same scooter compact model, simple lines are very design sense. The weight of the whole vehicle is only one. 6kg, compared to other scooters belonging to the lighter car. City Scooter Multi-folding body skeleton, after folding, occupies a very small space, you can directly lift or put into the car's trunk.

Travel distance can reach 20 kilometers, while in the data survey most people for short-distance travel distance of the need to move around 10 kilometers, the life can absolutely meet the day-to-day travel needs. Of course, if you have a higher demand for your life, you can purchase a Z3 battery pack for a simple life upgrade. The city scooter's battery pack uses the design which inserts the replacement, City Scooter the entire replacement speed only needs 5 seconds, when a group of battery's electric energy rides runs out, only needs to replace the standby battery to be able to continue to ride, City Scooter is both convenient and simple.

The city scooter is a new type of scooter, designed to take care of children's scooters, Segway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, it can easily walk on a crowded road with a maximum speed of up to 24.1 kilometres on the bike path.

It allows city dwellers to travel freely during rush hours, City Scooter and its designers describe the driving experience as "surfing or skiing in cities".

The urban scooter adopts frame geometry structure, City Scooter it contains two parts, each part is formed by the process called "free forming 3D bending design". The shorter successive radii and the high strength aluminum alloy material achieved the stability.

Each time the driver is on the ground, the smart Pulse Drive provides power support to enhance the physical force of the foot pedal. When the speed is up to 3.2 km/h, this pulse drive is automatically enhanced.