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City Scooters Are Designed For Office Workers

The city scooter is a new scooter that evolved from scooters, designed with children's scooters, Seagway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, which are easy to walk on pedestrian crowded roads , The maximum speed in the bike lane up to 24.1 km.

The city scooter uses a frame geometry that contains two parts, City Scooter each formed by a process called "Free-form 3D Curvature Design". The shorter successive radii and high-strength aluminum alloys achieve Scrooser's stability.

Each time the driver pedals, the intelligent pulse driver will provide power support to enhance the physical force of the foot pedal. When the speed reaches 3.2 km per hour or more, City Scooter this pulse drive will automatically enhance.

The city skateboard engine is a direct drive motor that is integrated into the rear wheel edge, without the use of a gear belt, a connection or any additional device that may break.

City scooters are only used for short riding, and have to return to the starting point. The city scooter designed a new scooter rental system. It provides better efficiency, higher utilization, City Scooter less crowded public bike traffic, and increased urban mobility. Urban scooters are designed for office workers, community residents and tourists. Due to its compact size and stable speed at low speeds, City Scooter users can easily move around the rental station or go anywhere in the city. It can be used in two ways: First, the use of human riding and storage, while the value of the card plus value; Second, the use of stored power, deduct the cost from the stored value card.