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City Scooter Is A New Type Of Scooter

Choosing a city scooter method:

1, shock absorption: select the city scooter must choose double shock absorber scooter, can effectively reduce the use of the process of vibration and bumps, improve comfort. The quality of shock absorption is also important

2, pedals: the current market pedal mainly four kinds of materials: plastic, all iron, semi-iron semi-aluminum, all aluminum. It is recommended that you choose all-aluminum pedal, City Scooter because the aluminum pressure is stronger than iron.

3, the brakes: brakes are located in the rear of the top of the wheel, buy time to use a pedal to see if the brakes are flexible and comfortable, brakes in the post, the protection of the event when the focus of the backwards, City Scooter greatly reduce the accident The

4, handrails: must have a sponge, not only can shock, but also sweat anti-skid, remove the security worries.

5, the wheel: the size of the wheel directly affect the speed, City Scooter the current general is 20CM wheel, the wheel wear level is also very important.

The city scooter is a new scooter called Scrooser, with a speed of 3.2 to 24 km / h, designed with both children's scooters, Seagway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, City Scooter allowing the driver to Standing or sitting.

It allows city dwellers to walk freely during peak traffic, and its designers describe the driving experience as "surfing or skiing in the city".

The city scooter uses a frame geometry that contains two parts, each formed by a process called "Free-form 3D Curvature Design". The shorter successive radii and high-strength aluminum alloys achieve Scrooser's stability.

Each time the driver pedals, the intelligent pulse driver will provide power support to enhance the physical force of the foot pedal. When the speed reaches 3.2 km per hour or more, City Scooter this pulse drive will automatically enhance.