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City Scooter Easy To Manipulate

The urban scooter adopts frame geometry structure, it contains two parts, each part is formed by the process called "free forming 3D bending design". The Scrooser stability is achieved by the shorter successive radii and high strength aluminum alloy materials.

City scooters are popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, because it is easy to learn, only one minutes to learn, 10 minutes can make some tricks. Therefore, the city's scooter heat wave gradually landed in the domestic market. "City Scooter" is very lightweight, the weight is generally below 3kg, City Scooter storage is folded state, with 30 seconds can be expanded or stacked.

City scooter because of the moderate speed, easy to operate, there are brakes (on the rear wheel brakes), if only the usual transportation, ordinary entertainment, generally not easy to fall. So it is suitable for the use of a variety of age, especially in the youth is to let people fondle admiringly, City Scooter to have a vehicle proud. The city scooter is a good exercise effect for the teenagers who are developing perfect balance system.

The origin of the city scooter: The Origins of the city scooter in 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka, who was in the grip of his own traffic, put two of the city's skateboard wheels on a piece of aluminum and then added a retractable metal handrail to the city scooter. After months of improvement, City Scooter he took him to the railway station to work every day. At the beginning of his shift to work in a hand-held city scooter, he was despised by everyone, including passers-by and colleagues. But before long, an investor came to the door, he thought the hand-held city scooter has a very market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "great invention". So, a few years ago, the city scooter swept the European and American, 5 years later, came to China. Competitive City scooters use bicycle wheels and cannot be folded. Some are used for practical purposes in densely populated urban areas, City Scooter faster than folding scooters, and more convenient than bicycles. Some are for off-road use. Popular brands include Sidewalker and Diggler. The advent of the Finnish kick bike in 1994 changed people's view of the car. The kick bike has a large standard size bike front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel that rides faster.

City Scooter is a city scooter is a new type City scooter, designed to take into account the children's city scooters, Segway (an electric scooter) and bicycles, City Scooter it can easily walk on the road of pedestrians crowded, the maximum speed of 24.1 km on the bike path.