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Balanced Scooters Light Weight

Balanced scooter frame is divided into three kinds of materials: metal alloy, wood, composite materials.

Metal materials are mainly steel and aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy lighter weight, bearing a good, rust, but also strong and durable. Steel frame is relatively heavy.

Wooden frame durability is not as good as metal, Balance Scooter and generally not very good regulation, high-quality wood car is also relatively strong, low-quality wood car is very impatient.

Composite materials are relatively small, light weight, do not have to worry about rust and paint peeling, but the child is easier to use the deformation.

In general, aluminum alloy material is preferred.

Balanced scooter features: no pedal, auxiliary wheel and chain. The baby needs to pedal the pedal to provide power, when the speed up and find the balance point, you can put away a small foot, Balance Scooter the car will be smooth glide, when the slow down, you can then use a small foot to continue to pedal to add power The


Balancing scooters need to be controlled by the center of gravity. If unskilled users, it is easy to pave the way when the road or crisis. The balance of the scooter brake is achieved through manual means, Balance Scooter relatively speaking, the security will be higher.

Through sex

Generally through the nature of the wheel and the size. Wheelbarrow and two-wheel balance scooter size is relatively large, able to adapt to a variety of road conditions. Wheelbarrows are generally 14-inch-based, individual configuration of 18-inch high through the stronger.

Balance the size of the scooter will not exceed 10 inches, generally 6-10 inches or so (8-inch or below the solid round), the requirements of the road is relatively high, although the road conditions of urban roads are relatively flat, but there are some unsatisfactory situation , Balance Scooter So driving an electric balance scooter need to be careful.

Relatively speaking, the wheelbarrow passability is undoubtedly the best, because only one wheel, and the wheel size, mobile and flexible, can cope with different complex road. The


10 to 15 km in the battery life of the product, the wheelbarrow generally about 11kg, and smaller. But some balance scooters support folding, can be put into the trunk. In contrast, Balance Scooter the volume of the two-wheeled scooter occupies space. Of course, there are some small two-wheeled scooters, but still occupies space.

Some users even said that the wheelbarrow and two-wheel balance scooter has a benefit that is able to liberate his hands. "Wheelbarrow ride can play mobile phone". Also players said, you can also umbrella, take things, more convenient.

The balance of scooters need to keep the car, his hands have been occupied. But if you encounter no electricity, wheelbarrows and two wheel balers need to be hand-held, while the balance scooter can push.

To sum up, the wheelbarrow's portability is the best, then to balance the scooter and the two-wheel balance scooter.

Getting started

This needless to say, all contact with the wheelbarrow users know that to ride on the road need to pay hard work. How hard it is, there is a netizen on friends @ Jiang Lai how to say,

"I have learned 3 days, about an hour or so to get started," and "learn a round robin after a month, the mileage is close to 200 km, can completely control the car, dare to serve as a commuter, Balance Scooter the road will bring protective gear."

Two-wheeled scooter is relatively easy, no contact with the user can be a few minutes can also get started, and happy ride a section, but want to travel on the road or need to practice for some time.