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Balanced Scooters Enrich People's Lives

1, the balanced scooter movement is called "the Puzzle Movement" by the medical profession, through the whole body muscle movement, causes the body to be in the active relaxed state, causes the cerebellum the development to promote the brain to develop, enhances the intelligence.

2, riding a balanced scooter can shape the graceful shape, Balance Scooter minors long ride can be compared to the same age of children 5-10 cm.

3, the balance of the skateboard car movement, risk, strange, Qiao, beauty in one, it enriches people's lives, for the training of a positive, self-confident, firm, Balance Scooter enterprising personality quality has a very good role.

4, long-term ride balanced scooter can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, make shoulder, ridge, leg, limbs, feet, wrist get comprehensive exercise, enhance body flexibility, skill.

5, the balance scooter does not need the special field, whether in the road, the park, the forest path or the courtyard, indoor all can use, its ride sex is almost all-weather.

6, riding balanced Scooter continued brush Street 30 minutes average consumption of heat 285 card, s-shaped pile 30 minutes of average consumption of calories 900 cards, equivalent to running 1 hours of calories consumed. Take 0.5-2 hours a day to practice balancing scooters can relax in the pressure of work or study, Balance Scooter away from the pressure, away from the effect of obesity.

7, the balance scooter movement can let the youth away from the television, the network harm, enhances the physique enhances the immunity. To promote physical balance, coordination, flexibility, and the ability to develop an independent nature.

8, riding balanced scooter requirements waist back upright, Balance Scooter often riding a balanced scooter can prevent hunchback, myopia. Teens can correct the hump and the lateral curvature of the spine in about 2 months, keeping the eyes and books at an appropriate distance from myopia.

9, balanced scooter easy to place, easy to carry. Public places, Balance Scooter cars and trains can be carried in with them. After skilled generally within 20 kilometers range can go to the street completely.

10, a families often together to carry out a balanced scooter movement can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, Balance Scooter increase parent-child relationship to promote family harmony.