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Balanced Scooter Balance Scooter

A balanced scooter does provide a variety of conveniences for our lives, not only to keep fit, but also to play some fancy acts as entertainment programs, and to be almost unaffected by any external factors such as venues and climates.

Balanced scooter seems simple and easy to carry but powerful, it has become the street trend of young people's driving tools. Today, Balance Scooter we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of balancing scooter from the aspects of its structure, principle and function, and hope to be helpful to the friends who pay attention to balancing the scooter.

Balanced scooter built-in intelligent balance chip, is a self balance control system of the means of transport, and ultimately through the driver's center of gravity to change the wheelbarrow to carry out the turn of the order. General riding speed can reach 15km/hours, Balance Scooter life mileage for 15km-30km, bearing up to 120kg or so.

Advantages of balancing Scooters

1. Simple operation rules. The power supply is a small switch, turn on the switch station, front tilt is to speed up, after the tilt stop, left-leaning, right, respectively, can turn to the ieft, to starboard.

2. Easy to carry. Balanced scooter general weight of 10kg or so, small size, so put in the bag can be taken away, the office can be recharged, one hours can be filled, Balance Scooter after work to ride home is very convenient.

Balancing Scooter Usage Considerations

1. It is difficult to turn when adding auxiliary wheels. Many beginners in contact with the auxiliary wheel for safety reasons, but this will affect the effect of the turn of the wheelbarrow.

2. Must wear good protective gear before riding. Because the safety of the balance scooter is still on the low side, in order to protect themselves and other people's personal safety, the belt of the protective gear can not be less.

3. Do not force acceleration. A lot of balanced scooters are equipped with speed limit program, when driving faster than the safety speed, speed limit software will automatically start, Balance Scooter give the driver a backward force, will allow the driver to create a "tilt" feeling, so forced acceleration, may fall.