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Balance The Type Of Scooter

Balance the type of scooter

Adult Balancing Scooter can be regarded as a very professional entertainment / sports product. Its history is not long. 90 years was invented.

And children can play the balance of scooters, there are two: one is folding two-wheel balance scooter, the other is the children's three-wheeled scooter.

Three-wheel balance scooter is divided into single-board and double-car, double-car is divided into dynamic cars, frogs, swing balance scooters, dragon and so on.

In addition, there are multi-functional balance scooters, both balance and balance scooters two functions. But I generally do not recommend this one, because this is usually the design of the two rear wheels. Balance Scooter This structure will cause some problems when playing, followed by said.

Three rounds of balance scooters are smoother and easier to master while the two wheeled scooters are closer to the adult balance scooter and are more fun.

Give your child a balance when considering a scooter

1 the width of the skateboard

Wide skateboards are relatively smooth, and narrow skateboards need your child to have a better sense of balance to master.

2 handle height

Professional balance Scooter players generally prefer, handle height just to the waist. But the child's balance scooter handle, usually above the waist above the chest. Balance Scooter Your child may have his own high degree of preference, so you can be flexible to master this height, but must not be low to the knee. The

If it is the first time to buy a balanced scooter, then we recommend to buy a high degree of appropriate balance scooter, which is more conducive to the child skilled operation.

Taking into account the child's height has been changing, so many children balance the height of the scooter can be adjusted. We recommend that you buy a balanced scooter with a height adjustable.

3 handle the width

The width of the balancer handle is preferably slightly wider than the child's shoulder width. Balance Scooter This width is the easiest to manipulate the child.

4 whether the rear wheel feet

Three rounds of children Balancing scooters are available in two forms:

1) There are two front wheels, one rear wheel;

2) There are two rear wheels, one front wheel.

If the car has two rear wheels, Balance Scooter then the heel easy and the rear wheel friction, affecting the use.

5 bearings

Bearings generally have their ABEC level, while the ABEC level represents the wheel manufacturing accuracy.

The higher the level of ABEC, the higher the manufacturing accuracy Simply put, you'd better buy ABEC-5 or more with a precision scooter.

But in general, the three rounds of balance scooters are basically used for children, Balance Scooter the speed is low. So very few marked bearing accuracy. But the two rounds of the general will be marked.

6 skateboard distance to the ground

Used to actually the same, but for beginners of the children. Low skateboard design is more stable and safe.

7 Brake quality

Balanced scooters are used to cover the rear wheel of the foot brake. Brakes to be sensitive, but to step on a good step.