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Balance The Characteristics Of Scooters

The same time as the above-

Balanced scooters from the wheels, pedals, motors, batteries, brakes and other decorative and a variety of electronic chips, a 72v 2A lithium battery wheelbarrow weighs about 12 kilograms, the appearance of similar to a small car tires.

Balanced scooters are also known as electric balance cars, somatosensory cars, Balance Scooter thinking cars, etc., there are two types of wheel and two-wheeled, self-balancing car in recent years there is a new means of transport, the use of battery-driven, Plus the sensor to help control the way, you can use the car's gyroscope and acceleration read the sensor real-time monitoring of body posture changes, and make adjustments to achieve "dynamic" stability, is used as a modern tool, recreation a new Of the green products, in addition to daily travel, in some exhibitions will often play its role in the journey. The current price will generally range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Overall, the balance of the scooter in the appearance of more compact, the weight is also slightly lighter, although the wheelbarrow balance in the power of the request under the need for manual handling, Balance Scooter but the installation of the balance of the design of the drawer is also better Solve this problem.

Balanced scooter wheel size can reach more than 15 inches, able to adapt to many types of road conditions, Balance Scooter in the adoption of a unique advantage.

Electric scooters and balance scooters belong to non-motor vehicles without additional safety devices, theoretically only allowed to drive at low speed in non-motorized lanes, how to strictly hold the Austrian design speed normal use, electric scooters and balance scooters will Play a low focus, light weight advantage, for users to create a more secure and convenient travel experience.

The balance between the scooter and the electric scooter is not large, but because the electric scooter pedal is more spacious, in the need to be able to carry two people, Balance Scooter so the carrying capacity, the electric scooter is relatively more advantages.

Balanced scooters have only one drive wheel, plus the difference between the maximum speed and drive mode, the battery life is usually better than the same battery capacity of the electric scooter, the longer the life of the electric scooter or balance car will be a corresponding increase in weight , At this point, the two are more consistent.

The balance scooter itself does not have a control device, Balance Scooter and only depends on the computer's self-balancing function and the car's driving to the driver's driving intention. Although the self-balancing car driving more trendy, learning is also easier, but want to be very precise control still need some time after the practice can be.

Balanced scooters can also achieve a wider speed in theory, but based on safety considerations, manufacturers usually control their speed within 20 km range, so the difference between the actual speed of the two in fact and Not very obvious.