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Using balanced cars should pay attention to safety problems

Although balance car of quality no what problem, but using of people must in play or using of when note protection himself, some when excited excessive may attention will was transfer, to caused not necessary of hurt, in novice using it of when, must not can first times on road, just began of when should has a on it of operation compared familiar of people in next guide, in teaching of process in the, also can protection novice of security.
When practicing it, attention must be focused, not divert attention from other things, prone to negligence or operation, because of its injuries, resulting in everyone's unhappy. Some parents to accompany the child while playing, will be the next to take the child, to prevent accidentally falling, it is very worthwhile to promote, because it can effectively prevent damage.
In any case, personal safety should always come first, this situation is also taken into consideration that the balance will always put quality first.