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Intelligent balancing electric vehicles, smart in?

When it comes to smartphones, most of us don't feel rusty, emerged a variety of application software, Smartphone took less than ten years time an end to the traditional keyboard phone. It can be said that powerful functions and excellent operating system is the key to smart phone dominated the market. As smart phones up, intelligent career has been a big boost, business electric vehicle is one of them.
On August 2, CCTV broadcast a news program, "new day launches the world's first electric smart Internet" 's words set off a full professional attention. As one of the most authoritative and credible news program, news broadcast this report is undoubtedly a positive of the intelligent electric vehicles.

In 2015, for balancing electric vehicles professional, both a suffered a decline in production as a whole, "winter" period, is also a professional with intelligent transit of goods across the year. During this period, numerous major brands launched a smart car. So, smart electric car will eventually "smart" where is it?
As a smart electric car leader brand in China, new day gives a clear answer – "internal core, external talent." As with smart phones, smart electric vehicle must have an independent operating system, which in turn depends on the electric car's built-in smart chip, smart devices are network and mobile real-time Internet, function and then finished strong.