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Enable electric two-wheeled police patrol car

Police pedal smart two-wheeled vehicle inspections in Shanghai are now increasingly in public places. Now, Shanghai Metro, the Airport now has at least 10 intelligent two-wheel vehicles for peacetime patrol, police officers stepped on two-wheeled vehicles and pedestrians next to "fly" the situation more and more.
However, the continued expansion of this intelligent two-wheeled vehicle also has led to some doubts: it is necessary to use high-end scooter of the mercy of the market price of 80,000 yuan to do inspections? inspection function and how?
Police show that proved the excellent two-wheeled vehicle inspections, police speed progress, more open vision of the crowd. As well, police also released two similar vehicles at the airport this month.
Charging time can run 38 km
In recent months, many of the people at the airport saw the use of two-wheeled vehicle inspections or subway station sent using this kind of two-wheeled vehicles can ease up and down the elevator, 360 ° circles, and is equipped with a single police equipment boxes. Because novelty, many people use mobile phones to take photos to Twitter, "boomers" such talk.
In fact, this two-wheeled vehicles is the United States in 2001 launched the Segway company SEGWAY (thoughts), advent and immediately became the "future car" representatives, sought after by the media.
Intelligent two-wheeled vehicle about half higher, equipped with grab bars at the top, between the two wheel about 50 cm in diameter at the bottom there is a rectangle foot pedal. It is understood that the SEGWAY two-wheel vehicles imported from foreign countries using pure electric, full power available after 38 km, top speed of up to 20 km, variable speed.
Now, the airport police have equipped with 7 two-wheel vehicles (3 at the Pudong International Airport, 4 at the HongQiao airport), railway police, 3 two-wheeled vehicles are used (2 at the Civic Plaza, 1 HongQiao railway station). This month, the airport police will also add 2 two-wheel vehicles.
Long before the Shanghai police purchase Scooter, the two-wheeled upright scooter has been in Shanghai Metro has been used. From the beginning of April this year, Metro Line 2, Line 10 subway station HongQiao hub, 2 scooter has been put into use, and staff called the "shooting star wheel".