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Electric balancing car tires to conservation?

Unicycle electric cars pass into our days, along with the growing crowd likes to use some play unicycle electric brother is you ought to know, especially the question of how can ordinary maintenance.
Single wheel electric car maintenance can be divided into about tire maintenance, about battery maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and so on. Today we'll look at questions about the wheel-electric tire maintenance, for your one-wheeled electric car enthusiasts refer to.
First of all, understand electric balance car brothers should know that, although single wheel electric car dock self balancing system and gyroscope to control, but driving a car ought to wheel rolling. Which tire is the only round of electric vehicles compared simple damage, because we all ride is made tire direct touch with the ground.
In the course of normal use, we maintained on tyres should be how to do? we should each ride unicycle electric cars along the axis of the wheel before sliding back and forth, this helps our perception of tires as a degree of stability. If we have found during sliding rock, you should carefully check which parts of the tire was loose, and timely maintenance to ensure that the tyre stability.
Nothing is worth our attention around the tire of the tightness of the screws we often demand attention. When we used to ride electric balance car turns and other kinds of action and long simple riding form a screw loose. And the full consolidation of the screws to ensure firmness, to ensure that in the course of usual ride no longer speaks for the account.
Usually on a wheelbarrow tire maintenance is basically the contents, hope we usually pay more attention to maintenance, was able to use longer!