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Can balance the car as a friend

Seen a movie before, about a man with a robot love story, the robot is not sentimental, the same robot is no temperature, the robot will only follow those who have set the program to do what he should, ad killer will only kick out those ads, entertainment robot will only bring joy to people.
We can also think of balance as a friend, can tell us time friends anywhere, anytime, you can put movies broadcast television music to our friends, it is not sentimental, temperature and it is not fun, but it is perfect, it will get people to be happy with it to get the temperature there is love. Perfect it has been confirmed by us, it is a friend to bring hope and joy to you, this is not a dream, this is a real case, it will give you all of it, to make you feel that you should have fun.
Even balance temperature is not affectionate, you can stay with it, and get joy and sense of accomplishment from it.