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Balance of New York's proposal for electric car launch new rules

United States New York City had previously adopted measures prohibiting application of electrodynamic balance in public, if you got caught in the street using electrodynamic balance will be fined by the New York Police Department up to $ 500. According to foreign media reports, the New York Senator proposed today, expect electric balance car from scratch classification alone, with the New York City Council and state legislature alone for this generation-step development of appropriate new legislation.
Now New York will balance electric vehicles classified as "vehicles" and "personal electric mobility assisted devices".
New York Senator Jose Peralta: "electric balance car has become one of the most popular products, because it is legal to sell in New York, in New York, and we think the public has the right to be able to use it. "
New York City about Andy King said: "we look forward to amendments to existing traffic laws, promise to people in a specific area can use electric power balance. "
Electric balance car has now become one of the most anticipated products across the United States. Only in "Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday)," the same day, sold 7,500 electric balance across the United States. But electric balance because of frequent incidents also caused widespread attention, some cheap electric balance car and triggered the blast and fire. These tragedies have forced the Amazon had sales of special types of electric vehicles.