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Balance car features comprehensive diversification

Someone has said, you can turn it into a small robot, because it was so strong, strong enough to scare you and want to be close to take a look at the style. We can think of it as a mobile TV, as long as there is a signal, as long as there is electricity, we can want to see and watch, we will no longer have to worry about missing their favorite TV series.
Balance can also listen to music, smartphones connected to it, as is comes with a subwoofer, though a bit provocative, but everywhere is different from other people's sense of style, on the streets, who are such a fashion trend of who has so, needless to say, is that its users, Recency is definitely fully.
Balance now is considering a variety of situations, environments, users and so on, to study even more with the use of the product.
Balance of electric cars also have the APP application function, we can compare it with the phone connected to specific experiences and sometimes it functions through the mobile phone, this is really a bought makes unannounced features such a perfect, is so comprehensive, it is very suitable for young people's tide, Miss will certainly be very sorry.